Navigator Equity Solutions SE acquires direct investments in medium sized companies in special situations.

Typical special situations constituted are for example unresolved business successions, restructuring, reorganizations of firms near insolvency and corporate spin-offs.

Our goal is to hold a limited number of strategic investments at the same time and to increase their value on a long-term basis. Thus, the company deals with both minority and majority investments.  






Navigator Equity Solutions SE’s investment philosophy follows a stock-picking approach rather than a wide-spread portfolio approach, although we use portfolio diversification in order to manage risk. Our philosophy in respect to investments is a qualitative rather than a quantitative approach.

When we invest in a company we get directly and actively involved in its operational activities until a lasting restructuring has been successfully achieved.




Investment criteria


Navigator Equity Solutions SE actively focuses on enterprises with above average growth and profit potential. Our overall goal is to actively participate and continually develop the subsidiary company, so that over a long-term period its market position is strengthened and secured and long-term shareholder value can be created and sustained.

Generally, we are looking for undervalued companies, whom we actively support and thus eliminate the existing undervaluation over time generating long-term shareholder value. To investors we offer the combined advantages of a quoted company with the positive net yield potential of the Private Equity market. We intend to work with firms for a medium-term time frame, however we will always consider long-term participation if required.



Latest news

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